My thoughts on current events, Bible prophecy and living an overcoming life as a disciple of Jesus.

About Me

I am an evangelical bohemian-otherwise described as a Renaissance woman. 

Sometimes, trying to sum yourself up in a place like this can be far more than I feel capable of doing!
So, I am going to keep it simple! 
I am currently 53, recently married my sweetheart of the last almost 4 years, Larrie Noble Sr and have raised five babies, now 23-33. They remain my finest work. Before that, I was Lisa Shah and had a website called Lisa Shah Escape-which is no more. However, much of the material can be found on my you tube channel, Blog talk radio, and other art, music and article sites.

I wanted something new. It was time.
Here, I hope to combine all my artistic, musical, academic, literary and spiritual talents and gifts in my own unique way. For my formal credentials-check out LinkedIn.

I do intend to post information about published works and current projects and hope to engage with my readership regularly.

Other than that, let the site speak for itself...or ask me :)